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Bill's Genealogy

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Family picture here Welcome to my Genealogy Page. Please contact me if you find your family here and send me any additions and corrections that can be added to this site. The photo is of Andrew Jackson Wright far left and his wife Faithy Ann Blankinship and oldest daughter Georgia Ann Wright and youngest son David Wright. The photo was taken around 1900


The genealogy information at this site has entries for 1772 individuals with 503 distinct surnames.

I plan on adding more photos later. Until then you can see some of my photos and Russell Wright's photos at Ron Wright's Web Page
Click on a link below to go to that Web Page
Bill Wright's Family Tree Maker Site
Ron Wright's Web Page
Russell Wright's Web Page

Thomas LaFayette "Tom" Hines and his wife Onie Ophelia Hesler

William Jackson "Jack" Wright and wife Rhoda when they were young.

James S "Jim" Wright and wife Emma Bone
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